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Annual Meeting April 30, 2020

5th on Vue annual meeting will be held on April 30th. Ballots will be mail out 30 days prior to the meeting. Please be sure to return your ballots to Ace inspector by the deadline.

Community Update - April 6, 2018

Please take a moment to review some important Community updates below:

Next Board Meeting

The next Regular Session Board Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 11, 2018 at 5:00 pm in the Guild Room at St. Paul’s Cathedral. The Guild Room is located on the first floor, and to the left when you enter the property from 6th Avenue.


The wiring process for the installation of Webpass should be completed by June 4, 2018. The cabling team from Enhanced Voice and Data Network has completed the wiring and testing on both the second, third and fourth floors. We have received great feedback on their efficiency and professionalism. The drywall repairs will begin on the fourth floor on Monday, April 9th. They will begin the wiring work on the fifth floor on Monday, April 16th at 9am. Residents that are not planning on being home, please make sure to provide management or a neighbor with a key to your unit for access. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing and appreciate everyone’s cooperation.

As a reminder, the cabling team from Enhanced Voice and Data Network will be looking for hatches in the closets where the structured media panel is located. The cabling team will then cut into the drywall where needed, in order to install the cable.  They will then replace the drywall back onto the ceiling. Enhanced will try to consolidate the time spent in the units as much as possible, however it could take approximately 8 hours from when they first enter a unit, when the cable is installed and ready for drywall repair. The drywaller will return approximately 2-4 times in order to complete the repairs due to; drywall installation, prep, sand, paint and drying time. Homeowners are being requested to provide the paint color if different from original.

The Webpass schedule is posted to the bulletin board. You will notice the date and time the wiring will begin and conclude on each floor. Please note, the schedule may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstance.

 A Message from the Communications Committee

Now that our building has been complete for over a year, many of our neighbors have settled in and made their condo their home. Naturally, we are curious to see our neighbors units, which may be very similar or different than our own. In response to several suggestions for a neighborhood Open House, your Communications Committee would like for you to share your interest as a host, guest or both through a survey on our community website: www.vueon5thbankershill.com (you can access the survey by clicking on the bell in the upper right hand corner of the site home page or by going to “surveys”)

  • Hosts are those units who wish to open up their home for other residents to view.
  • Guests are those who would like to view participating units, but not interested in hosting their own unit.
  • The event would be closed to Vue on 5th residents.

Once we determine there is enough interest, we will follow up with more details. If you should have any questions, please contact Cindy Skach at cms3967@gmail.com.

 Resident Website

If you haven’t signed up for the HOA website please do so by logging on to www.vueon5thbankershill.com.  This website is for our residents only. It will allow you to receive alerts, community updates, discuss issues relevant to our building, sell items, ask for recommendations, and more.  It’s user friendly, private, and is a great way to stay connected. Remember to turn on your notifications by going to the Contact tab in the account settings. The communications committee has learned that some residents may not be receiving “alerts” or “forum topics” from the Vue on 5th website announcements, even after updating their settings. If this is the case, please contact Sue Blitz at suestromblitz@gmail.com to remedy the situation.




Please feel free to contact Management with any questions you have.

Have a great weekend!

Window Washing Notice- June 12, 2017 (Work will commence)



Window Cleaning Scheduled for Monday, June 12, 2017 until Friday, June 16, 2017

All windows will be cleaned except

– Windows on exclusive use balconies;
– Windows with screens left on;
– Windows that are open when the window washers are present;

Note; The screens are designed to be removed from the inside of the units and it is the responsibility of each owner to remove them.  In most cases, the glass window panels have to be lifted up and set aside to get access to the screen.  If you are unable to do this yourself we suggest that you ask a friend, relative or neighbor to assist you.

The following are some important reminders and tips:

  • Have all screens off windows you want washed before June 12, 2017 and keep the screens off until the work is completed on June 16, 2017.
  • Please wait 3 to 4 hours after windows are washed to replace screens.
  • Have all windows closed and locked on both days of washing.
  • For privacy, please close your blinds and draperies.
  • If you remove a screen, we suggest you clean the screen in your shower before replacing it. The screens collect dust and transfers to the glass when it rains.

The windows are cleaned using deionized water.  The water is not squeegeed or wiped off and completely dries off the window.

We appreciate your assistance with this project.   If you have any questions, or need to report any missed windows, please contact Aralis Santana at (619) 218-1855, or at asantana@actionlife.com, no later than one (1) day after the window cleaning; or email Shawna Green-Morales at sgmorales@actionlife.com.

If you would like your interior or balcony windows cleaned during this time, please call San Diego Window Cleaning at (619) 578-3118 for an estimate.

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